Provide general mounting services for events, in a timely and competent manner, providing customers with the most efficient and modern in terms of design, materials and technology, always using qualified and responsible labor.


To be recognized as the best option in  events for booth mounting, both for excellence in personalized service as the quality of products offered.


Punctuality, ethics, honesty and competence. These are the values that guide the actions of Jchaves in the market, together with respect to legislation, employees, customers, the community at large and the environment, using proper disposal techniques and use of recyclable materials wherever possible.


732 Castelo de Óbidos  Street, House 2 - Castelo
 Zipcode 31330-320 - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Email: suzi@jchavespromocoes.com.br

Phone:  +55 31 3418-8698

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